About Us

Perrie Hale Nursery was established in 1957 and has been run by the same family ever since.  We are a team of three: Judy Davey and Olly & Faye Davey. 

We supply quality bare-rooted and pot grown plants suitable for Amenity, Hedge and woodland planting.

During the past fifty years, we have supplied trees and shrubs for a whole range of planting projects. These have included individuals wishing to create a small woodland coppice, organisations such as the South West Forest and projects like the BBC’s Tree O’clock world record attempt.

All our stock is grown from the best seed available and every care is used to supply stock to the highest quality true to name.

Most of our stock is grown from seed, although some species such as Salix (willow) and Cornus (dogwood) are grown from cuttings.

Seedlings remain in the open ground seedbeds for one or two years and are then either undercut in the beds or transplanted to produce a more fibrous root system. The plants are then lifted to order and despatched in co-extruded plant bags which prevent the plants from drying out in transit.

Our Nursery is inspected by the Forestry Commission to ensure that we comply with the E.C. Forest Reproduction Material Regulations. We are also inspected annually by DEFRA to comply with Plant Health Regulations.

The Team

Judy Davey

With a background in farming and business studies, Nick Davey joined his father in law John Udale at Perrie Hale Nursery in 1977. After 13 years of experience in maintaining contracts for fencing, woodland establishment and maintenance. Nick took control of the business with his wife Judy in 1990 and continued to work until his semi-retirement in 2017.  In July 2019 Nick passed away unexpectedly, he is a great loss not only to his family and friends but also to the woodland and forestry industry where he spent much of his time volunteering and offering advice. Nick had a fantastic work ethic, he worked hard, was always happy to offer advice, he was warm and welcoming and was insistant that we provided quaility stock. He has been a great role model for Olly and Faye who will continue to provide this high level of service along with Judy.


Olly and Faye Davey

Olly has been working at Perrie Hale Nursery since 2000, he then went to university to study BSc Rural Resource Management, he was then pleased to return the nursery in 2007 when he became a partner in the business. Olly manages the outside staff and logistics of incoming stock and outgoing orders. 

Faye Davey studied a BSc Wildlife conservation (First Class) and then went on to study a PhD in Landscape Character Assessment and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Faye brings experience in managing projects for landscape condition monitoring, state of the environment reports, biodiversity audits and hedgerows for woodfuel. These projects have involved field work, data gathering and mapping.