27 February 2018 Snow!

The snow hasn't hit us quite yet, though it is forecast for Thursday and Friday this week! 

The cold weather here has meant that the ground is frozen and we are only lifting plants intermittently when the ground thaws enough.  Some orders can still be despatched if we have lifted enough in the few days before the cold weather hit, other orders are being delayed until next week when hopefully we will be able to lift again - we will be in touch if you order has been delayed. 

If you receive your order from us, and you can't get your spade in the ground your plants will be ok in their bags for a week as they are dormant,  place them in a cold frost-free (snow free!) place such as a barn or shed and open up the bags to allow the air to circulate.  Don’t water the plants in the bags, but if they look dry when you plant them out, just dunk them in a bucket of water for a few minutes.

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