13 September 2018 New season stock

We will shortly be putting our new season stock on to the website for pre-ordering. 

It has been a funny year this year weather-wise, after the snowfall and a late spring which extended the winter planting season by 2/3 weeks, we have been faced with the longest dry hot summer that I can remember.  As a small nursery, it can be difficult to cope with these extreme conditions but we have been really pleased with how the stock in the fields have survived and with the last couple of weeks of rain we are hoping for some more growth yet. 

We have made more investment this year to the water system on the nursery, as we rely on a borehole water storage can be tricky at times, but we hope should the weather continue like this in years to come we are ready! 

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be hoping for sunny days and rainy nights so the plants can continue to grow and we can spend time on the nursery stock taking without getting soaked. 

We will continue to be weather dependent and will be waiting for the leaves to fall and the buds to set before we can start lifting our bare-root stock ready for despatch.  We are also working hard on the new price list which will be published in the next couple of weeks. 

In the meantime if you have any enquiries or wish to place a pre-order we would be happy to hear from you, please call 01404 43344 or email


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