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11 May 2017 Looking after your newly plants trees and hedging

Have you recently planted a new hedge or tree? 

Now that spring is here, you need to keep an eye on your planting to make sure they are not getting overrun with weeds. Keeping your hedge weed free is probably the most important thing you can do for your hedge whilst it is getting established.  

Weeds compete with your plants for space, light, water and nutrients. Did you know that 1 sqm of grass soaks up 5 gallons of water per week - this is water that your plant needs!

If you have planted trees you should aim to keep a 1m diameter circle clear of vegetation around the base of each tree.

If you have planted hedging keep 75cm clear either side of the hedge line. 

You can clear weeds either by hand or by using chemical weed control - but be very careful no to set spray on your new plants!

Ideally get out all the weeds you can in early spring, before the soil drys out too much, and before pesky weeds like dandelions set seed. 

Keep a check on the weed situation throughout the growing season and through out the first 2-3 years at least. 

It is also a good idea to apply a mulch, you can use bark or well rotted garden compost. Mulch at a depth of 5 -8 cm to prevent weeds growing through, and at least 1 m around the base of a tree and 75cm either side of the hedge. 

Happy Weeding! 


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