5 December 2018 Hedge Planting Season

Late autumn and winter are the perfect time to plant hedges, it is in these seasons that the plants are dormant and can be moved quite happily to their new home.  Using bare-root plants is cost efficient with the plants being easy to transport and easy to plant. 

We have a variety of plants to choose from in our hedging section, and we also offer hedge packs, for example, the Edible Hedge pack which contains a selection of species such as Blackthorn (for sloes), Hazel (for hazelnuts), Crab Apple and a variety of soft fruit bushes. We have a Beech or Hornbeam hedging pack and also a thornless garden hedge pack with a mix of attractive plants chosen for their flowers and berries.

Don't forget if you have rabbits or deer you will need to use hedge protection spirals to stop them nibbling at your new plants!  

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