6 February 2018 Giving your plants the best start..

Probably the most important task when you are planting new trees, shrubs or hedges is to ensure that you are planting into weed-free ground. This can mean hand weeding or spraying your planting site before you start to plant.  You then need to keep them weed free for at least the first two growing seasons. Grass, in particular, can compete with your plants for water, light and nutrients slowing down the growth and establishment of your plants. You could make suppressing weed growth easier by planting through mulch mats or applying a mulch annually.  

To help support the root growth and establishment of your plant you can treat the roots prior to planting with Rootgrow, this is a mycorrhizal fungi that occurs naturally in the soil and forms a secondary root system for the plant.  Using Rootgrow significantly speeds up the naturally occurring process. 

You also need to consider if you have rabbits or deer in your area. Rabbits are a particular concern as the like to bite plants off at the base, deer tend to browse plants so are not such a threat to hedges, however, they can cause damage to trees and bite of the leaders. You can use spiral or tree guards to protect them. 

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