7 December 2016 Freshly Cut Devon Grown Christmas Trees

This year on the nursery we have a great crop of Traditional Norway Spruce Christmas Trees and also Nordman Fir Christmas trees (which tend to drop less needles).  

We have Norway Spruce trees for £10 up to 6 ft or £15 above 6ft and Nordman Fir for £15 up to 5 ft. 

Our trees are freshly cut from our fields in Honiton, Devon where they have been growing for 5 - 8 years.

Which Type of Christmas Tree Will you Chose?

Norway Spruce - the traditional Christmas tree, it has bright green spiky needles and in my opinion the best smelling tree!

Nordman Fir - Becoming more popular now as this variety is know for less needle drop. It has sturdy branches, great for heavier ornaments and its needles are darker green and broader. 

How to Look After Your Tree

Whichever type you choose, if you look after them they should last around 4 weeks:

- Keep your tree in a cool place until you are ready to decorate it

- Trim off a couple of cm of of the trunk if you can when you are ready to decorate

- Stand your Christmas tree up in a stand that holds water

- Keep checking the water level and top up every day or so (make sure your lights are switched off first)

- Keep your tree away from radiators or fires

Freshly Cut Christmas Trees are available for collection Monday - Friday 8.00 - 17.30 or Saturday 9.00 - 12.30.

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