8 October 2021 Bare-Root - Pre-ordering.

We are now starting to upload the stock to the website for pre-ordering.  This will take a few days so please bear with us as we make adjustments. 

Bare-root hedge and tree plants can be ordered and reserved and will be ready for collection/delivery by the end of December. It may be sooner than this but we have to account for the weather which can be very unpredictable and make lifting very tricky if it is not cold and dry enough. The last two seasons have been mild and wet which was not ideal for the hardening off of the trees.  

Bare-root top fruit (apples, pears etc) are likely to be available by the end of December, however, to avoid disappointment I have said January as the fruit trees tend to be the last to harden off and therefore last in the schedule of lifting. 

Pot-grown trees can be ordered and collected from the nursery as normal.  

Happy planting! 

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