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3 November 2015 Autumn Seed Collection

This autumn has been full of glorious foliage colour and has been a moderate year for seed collection with reasonable crops of acorns and native shrub seed.

As a nursery we are a registered to collect local seed and licensed to sell the plants by the Forestry Commission. Amongst the seed we have collected this year we have Devon Whitebeam, Pedunculate Oak, Field Rose, Dog Rose and Quickthorn.

Some of the seed we collect is sown straight away such as the Acorns (Pedunculate Oak) as they do not store well so these have been placed in small pots to start them off and we will keep them in the poly tunnel until they propagate and then they will be moved outdoors to harden off.
Other seeds such as the Field Rose and Dog Rose have a deep dormancy status meaning that it cannot germinate even when provided with water, aeration and kept at a normal outside temperatures. In order to stir them into life, they need to be pre-treated. This involves incubating the seeds for 8 – 12 weeks in warm conditions (15 °C) plus 8 -12 weeks in the cold (4 °C). Hawthorn needs to be incubated for 4 -12 weeks in the warm (15 °C) plus 24 - 32 weeks in the cold (4 °C). Once the pre-treatment has been completed the seed will be sown into beds in the spring.

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