26 March 2018 A Late Spring on the Nursery

Spring is slowly starting to emerge in our part of East Devon, but we are at least a couple of weeks behind where we were last year.  We are yet to see the blossom on the blackthorn trees and in most species, the buds are barely breaking.  We are getting a lovely show of native primroses on the banks at last, with a few daffodils poking their heads through. 

This is good news in some respects as it means that we can still sell some of our tree species that we would otherwise not normally be able to lift at this time of year. We have taken a lot of the stock out of the website now as stock is moving fast and we are taking spring day by day. 

If you are looking to plant bare root please do give us a call and we will be able to tell you if we still have the species available - it may show out of stock on the website but we may have small quantities available or be able to offer some alternative suggestions. 

We will be closed over the Easter bank holiday and will assess again after the weekend - Happy Easter!

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